Blitz Price Labeler Dual Roll C20/A

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Quick Overview
  • Color: Black
  • High Performance
  • Print Speed: 10 mm / sec
  • Easy to Use

    Blitz Price Labeler Dual Roll C20/A

    Permanent adhesive. Permanent adhesive means that if the label is properly applied it remains there. Attempting to remove it will result in the label being destroyed.

    Removable adhesive. The label can be removed from the surface, and the adhesive remains with the label.

    Pre-printed 'Best before', 'Use by', 'Packed on' and 'Batch No' labels have a freezer grade adhesive. These labels can be applied to a product which can then be placed into a freezer.

    More Information
    Brand Blitz
    Color Black
    Operating System Compatibility Windows OS
    Dimension 1.77 x 3.32 x 0.80 in
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