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  1. FIFA 17 - Standard Edition (PS4)
    Special Price ₦28,000.00 was ₦35,000.00
  2. PS4 Arcania
    Special Price ₦7,800.00 was ₦11,700.00
  3. PES 2016
    Special Price ₦12,500.00 was ₦18,750.00
  4. PS4 Bladestorm Nightmare
    Special Price ₦10,000.00 was ₦15,000.00
  5. PS4 UFC
    Special Price ₦9,300.00 was ₦13,950.00
  6. PS4 Battlefield Hardline
    Special Price ₦9,500.00 was ₦14,250.00
  7. PS 3 | Resistance 3 Game
    Special Price ₦4,500.00 was ₦6,750.00
  8. PS4 Battlefield 4
    Special Price ₦9,000.00 was ₦13,500.00
  9. PS4 Bound By Flame
    Special Price ₦8,400.00 was ₦12,600.00
  10. PS4 Evil Within
    Special Price ₦8,000.00 was ₦12,000.00
  11. PS4 Until Dawn
    Special Price ₦15,000.00 was ₦22,500.00
  12. PS3 Gran Turismo 6
    Special Price ₦4,000.00 was ₦6,000.00
  13. Sony PlayStation 3 (12GB) | Black
    Special Price ₦56,500.00 was ₦60,550.00
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