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  1. LG FRZ410 Chest Freezer | 350L| Silver
    Special Price ₦236,390.00 was ₦250,580.00
  2. Elepaq Sv2900 Manual (2.2KVA) Generator
    Special Price ₦79,260.00 was ₦84,020.00
  3. Top Power TP950 Generator
    Special Price ₦27,500.00 was ₦30,250.00
  4. Senci 1.4KVA SC2000 Generator
    Special Price ₦60,500.00 was ₦66,550.00
  5. Senci 2KVA SC3250 (Key Starter) Generator
    Special Price ₦93,500.00 was ₦102,850.00
  6. Senci 5KVA SC8000 (Key Starter) Generator
    Special Price ₦198,000.00 was ₦217,800.00
  7. Sumec Firman 9.8KVA ECO10990ES Generator
    Special Price ₦231,000.00 was ₦254,100.00
  8. Sumec Firman SPG8000E2 Generator
    Special Price ₦209,000.00 was ₦229,900.00
  9. Sumec Firman SPG1200 Generator
    Special Price ₦33,000.00 was ₦36,300.00
  10. Midea Chest Freezer 200L - HS-260C
    Special Price ₦80,580.00 was ₦83,810.00
  11. Midea Chest Freezer, 295 Litre - HS-384C
    Special Price ₦103,950.00 was ₦108,110.00
  12. Midea Chest Freezer 415Litres - HS-546C
    Special Price ₦143,000.00 was ₦148,720.00
  13. Bosch 90CM Gas Cooker HSG737356Z | Silver
    Special Price ₦877,760.00 was ₦904,100.00
  14. Bosch 60CM Gas Cooker HGG223329Z | Silver
    Special Price ₦398,480.00 was ₦410,440.00
  15. Bosch Recirculation Kit DHZ4505
    Special Price ₦29,890.00 was ₦30,790.00
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Where to Buy Large Appliances For Home & Office in Nigeria?

There is a lot of careful planning and money that goes into transforming your house into a home. You start by choosing the right furniture, bedding, blinds and other interior decoration accessories. When you are done with your decors, you will start thinking of the kind of electronics and appliances to get that will make life easy and comfortable for you and your family. At Yudala, you can check our large collection of appliances online and enjoy the best prices in Nigeria. Your homes won't be complete without large appliances. Discover Washing machines & dryers, Freezers, Vacuum Cleaners, Cookers & Ovens, Fans, Refrigerators, Generators & more. Also, appliances like Air Conditioners will make your home or office feel cool and fresh at all times. When you shop on Yudala, we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria. When you get your large appliances, you won’t have to worry about how to convey it to your residence. We will take away your worries as we would have it delivered to the comfort of your home wherever it is located in the country. Shopping for home and kitchen appliances has never been easy, safe and convenient. Get to any of our stores online or offline today and start shopping for the best quality appliances.

Discover Highest-Quality Large Appliances Online & Offline At Yudala

In Nigeria we have the hot and cold weather, during the dry season, temperature rises to levels that makes us feel very uncomfortable. Hence, cooling systems becomes a necessity for every home and office. A split unit air conditioner will be perfect for your living room, bedroom and even your kitchen. It has power to cover a large space and every part of your home will feel cool and calm. For the comfort of you and your family, client and customers, buy air conditioners online on Yudala at best prices in Nigeria. With your busy work schedule, we don’t have any time left to do our laundry and that of our family. With the help of large appliance like the washing machine and dryer, life has become easier. Now it will take just few minutes of your time to wash and dry all your clothes, beddings and more. With the erratic nature of power supply, keeping your food fresh becomes a big problem. With our top range of freezers and refrigerators from brands like Haier Thermocool, Scanfrost, Ignis, LG, Samsung and more, all your worries are over. The super-efficient freezer will remain frozen for days even after power cut. Make your life comfortable with our top range of large appliances online at Yudala. When you shop on Yudala, you will enjoy flexible payment option like cash on delivery.