LEGO Mighty Micros Robin vs Bane

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  • Educative and Creative
  • Promote Tech Savviness
  • Ages: 5-12.
  • Fun and Enjoyable
  • Both for Indoor and Outdoor
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    LEGO Mighty Micros: Robin vs. Bane

    Bane is driving out from a hole he has drilled in the ground and throwing dynamite at Robin's Mighty Micros car. Drive towards Bane's driller at high speed and target the villain with Robin's grapple-hook gun.

    It is impossible to separate young children from toys because it is in their nature to play and learn about themselves and their world. It is through toys that children acquire personal, social skills, attitudes and values. Studying is made more interesting and fun when toys are involved. Most parents think that toys distract children from their studies but remember that memorizing information written on books does not teach your children how to think creatively, such ability is acquired by playing with cognitive toys available at YUDALA at affordable prices with stress free delivery at your doorstep.

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