LG REF602HLHL Two Doors Top Freezer Refrigerator | 600L, Silver

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  • Door Type: Two Doors
  • Capacity: 600L
  • Color: Silver
  • Air Cooler
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    LG REF602HLHL Two Doors Top Freezer Refrigerator | 600L, Silver

    This LG Refrigerator 602 Two Doors (Top Freezer) is efficient, durable and Easy to use. No need to look far, get the it today, and enjoy unlimited value for your money. 2 Door Top Mount Fridge-Freezer, Digital temperatute display, Super fast freezing, Pull out fridge tray, Three temp. under four control, Intelligent operation (Fully Logic), Door opening warning system, Delux deep bottle holder, Faults automatic display, Drain. LG's GIDC unique technology prevents mold and unpleasant odors, which creates a lasting natural freshness inside your refrigerator. It also preserves vitamins for fresher fruits and vegetables.

    LG ELECTRONICS designs products that are intuitive, responsive and energy efficient so you can spend wisely, be more productive and lessen the impact on the world around you. We’re committed to providing products that work best for the way you live and to keeping you updated with the latest technological advances. After all, life’s better when you’re prepared.LG has always been there to make your life good.

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    Brand LG
    Color Silver
    Door Type Double Door
    Capacity 600L
    Dimension 780 x 1800 x 730mm
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