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  • Longer-lasting Nickel-Methalhydride battery power 
  • Looped handle ensures optimum grip
  • One-step click-off nozzle
  • Cyclonic airflow and 2-stage filtration system
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    With the Philips portable vacuum cleaner, you are not restricted by wires. The device comes with a built-in 3.6 V NiMH rechargeable battery. Just mount the vacuum cleaner on the charging dock and connect the charging dock to your mains to begin charging. Once charged, you can detach the Philips vacuum cleaner from the charger for easy and convenient cleaning free of cables.

    The MiniVac is about 1.3kg, so it is easy to carry around. It comes in an easy to hold handle. It is a great device for cleaning appliances like your computer or for cleaning your furniture. However, the Philips FC6140 vacuum cleaner should not be used to clean liquid or wet objects as it can only handle dry vacuum. If you want a portable vacuum cleaner that can handle liquids and wet surfaces buy the Philips FC6142 MiniVac.

    No Hiding Place for Dust

    Philips Portable Vacuum Cleaner features an aerodynamic nozzle design that makes it efficient at picking-up dust. It can pick-up dust from a wide-angle, helping you clean hard to reach areas. You computer keyboard is a typical example. The Vacuum Cleaner maintains the high suction power throughout the cleaning by rotating the sucked dust in cyclonic motion.

    The 2-stage filtration process traps the dust inside the cleaner, ensuring dust free cleaning. The Philips Portable Vacuum Cleaner is a more hygienic way to clean your stuff. The dust trapped inside can be easily disposed of with the press of a button.

    More Information
    Brand Philips
    Colour White
    Vacuum Type Portable
    Suction Power 8W
    Full Dust Bag Indicator No
    Appliance Power 1600W
    Dimension 460 x 160 x 160 mm
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