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  1. Samsung J7 Case - Black
    Special Price ₦2,500.00 was ₦3,000.00
  2. Samsung J7 Prime Case - Black
    Special Price ₦2,500.00 was ₦3,000.00
  3. Samsung J3 Case - Black
    Special Price ₦2,000.00 was ₦2,500.00
  4. Samsung A5(6) Case | Black
    Special Price ₦2,500.00 was ₦3,000.00
  5. Microsoft LIFECHAT LX-2000
    Special Price ₦7,770.00 was ₦8,000.00
  6. Transcend 4GB MICRO SDHC10
    Special Price ₦2,000.00 was ₦2,500.00
  7. innjoo one flip cover | Black
    Special Price ₦500.00 was ₦1,580.00
  8. innjoo one flip cover | Cyan
    Special Price ₦500.00 was ₦1,580.00
  9. innjoo one flip cover | White
    Special Price ₦500.00 was ₦1,580.00
    Special Price ₦500.00 was ₦1,200.00
  11. Power Bank PV100 | Black
    Special Price ₦3,500.00 was ₦4,410.00
  12. Innjoo i1K Cover | Black
    Special Price ₦600.00 was ₦1,200.00
  13. Innjoo i1K Cover | White
    Special Price ₦500.00 was ₦1,580.00
    Special Price ₦10,400.00 was ₦15,600.00
    Special Price ₦5,900.00 was ₦8,850.00
  16. Samsung S4 Battery
    Special Price ₦2,000.00 was ₦2,500.00
  17. Samsung S5 Battery
    Special Price ₦3,750.00 was ₦5,020.00
  18. LG G4 Pouch
    Special Price ₦2,500.00 was ₦3,750.00
  19. Samsung Wireless Charger | Black
    Special Price ₦10,800.00 was ₦12,000.00
  20. HP Executive Tablet Pen
    Special Price ₦2,800.00 was ₦4,200.00
  21. Baseus Car Charger
    Special Price ₦4,750.00 was ₦4,950.00
  22. Blackberry Curve 9300 Battery | Blue
    Special Price ₦1,250.00 was ₦2,500.00
  23. Blackberry 9800 Battery | Black
    Special Price ₦1,400.00 was ₦2,800.00
  24. Nokia XL BN-02 Battery | Black
    Special Price ₦1,500.00 was ₦2,630.00
  25. HTC M8 Glass Screen Protector
    Special Price ₦400.00 was ₦1,200.00
    Special Price ₦6,900.00 was ₦10,350.00
  27. STK Power Tap Charger | White
    Special Price ₦3,390.00 was ₦4,420.00
  28. STK Essential Power Bank | Black
    Special Price ₦3,390.00 was ₦5,220.00
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