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  1. Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 3 (7") | 512MB, 4GB | Black
    Special Price ₦22,500.00 was ₦25,200.00
  2. Alcatel Pixi 4 (7) | 1GB, 16GB | Black
    Special Price ₦34,500.00 was ₦38,640.00
  3. Innjoo F3 Tablet | 512MB, 8GB | White
    Special Price ₦28,510.00 was ₦31,940.00
  4. Tecno W5 | 1GB, 16GB | Grey
    Special Price ₦47,950.00 was ₦53,710.00
  5. Apple iphone 5 Case | Black
    Special Price ₦2,200.00 was ₦3,300.00
  6. Tecno W2 | 1GB, 8GB | Gold
    Special Price ₦21,800.00 was ₦24,420.00
  7. CRONY 7021 7.0" | Dual Core | Black
    Special Price ₦20,000.00 was ₦30,000.00
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Buy Tablets Online in Nigeria

Tablets have come to change the face of computing, their sleek design makes it the best choice for everybody. Technological advancement has made it possible to have devices that have unlimited capabilities. With a tablet device, you will be able to work on the road with so much efficiency. The versatility they bring will enhance your active lifestyle. On Yudala, you will be to buy tablets with Android, Windows and iOs operating system at best price in Nigeria. What do you need the tablet for? What is your budget like? We have all kinds of tablets, and you will be to find one that suits your specific need. Whether it’s for business, leisure or entertainment, the right tablet is just a click away from you. Get the sophisticated Apple iPad, and enjoy speed, long battery life and applications that will make your life easier. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a beauty, task will become simpler to execute with its fast processor and large memory size. The Nokia Lumia 2520 is the best in its class, with this tablet, the world is on your palm. Android tablets opens you to a world of opportunities, you will get unrestricted access to google play store. It gives you the freedom to download any application you need. Discover Android tablet from brands like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Tecno, Zinox, Sony, Zentality, Innjoo, iMose and more in Nigeria.

Tablets on Yudala

In recent times, mobile devices and computers have become smaller and faster. They are now able to complete task with so much precision. Desktops used to be in the limelight, and then laptops were designed to be smaller and with all the functionalities of a big computer system. They are easy to move around due to their compact size, this makes it possible for you to work in your car or at the airport waiting for you flight. With more research, tablets were created to be highly versatile. They combine the function of both a desktop & monitor and a laptop. Yudala offers you affordable tablets from brands like Samsung, Innjoo Leap 2, HP Slate 10, Nexus, Microsoft, Blackberry, Apple iPad, ASUS, Lenovo and more. These tablet can be used for business, leisure and entertainment. Tablets are fitted with a camera that allows you to capture all the special moments shared with family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Go online today and shop for the best tablet according to specifications like Screen size, colour, internal memory, connectivity, sensor, camera resolution and more.

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