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Yuboss Scheme

Story of a Yuboss Agent About Financial Independence

have this friend who invited me for a concert which changed my life, but at the time, it was just one of those concerts Kemi would drag me to as her hand bag (it’s not her fault naa since no job was forth coming). At the event, the MC made mention of an “Entrepreneurship scheme” that could make one a millionaire (hmm… all this unrealistic talk na wa oh). Fast Forward to three days after the concert, My elder brother’s friend Nathan, who has always been a mummy’s boy and refused to leave his mum’s sleeves was finally moving out (praise the Lord!) and asked me to assist in setting up his house and so it clicked, while he was still talking about how he wanted his house to look like his small paradise, I dashed into my room scattered it in search of the flyer I got while the MC was talking about the “Entrepreneurship scheme”, well I could give it a try since there is absolutely nothing to lose – Zero investment was what they said.

So I made a list of what Nathan (my brother’s friend) wanted, registered on the platform through the entrepreneurship scheme official website got my YuBOSS ID and referral link and placed orders for Nathan’s house. In 10mins, I was called to confirm my orders and in less than 72hours I was called to come receive my orders as they were on their way. The first thing I asked for was my commission-dala (as the correct Naija babe I am, omooh… my eyes are red abeg), I was told to expect it on the second week of the next month. Once it was the second week of the next month, I received an alert from Access bank crediting my account with my dala. Just at the comfort of my bed, in between searching and applying for jobs and reluctantly registering and placing orders for Nathan I got N54,980.75 just-like-that! If I can get this much for doing nothing, then I’m definitely going to be one of the millionaires from YuBOSS!

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