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  1. Haier Thermocool 1.5HP Split Unit Airconditioner HSU-12SPW1 | White
    Special Price ₦121,550.00 was ₦136,550.00
  2. LG 1.5HP Anti-Mosquito Split Air Conditioner | Jet Cool | White-0-15160
  3. MIDEA 1 HP Split AC MSMA-09CR Normal Voltage Capacity 9000BTU
    Special Price ₦94,400.00 was ₦103,900.00
  4. MIDEA Split AC MSMA-12CR Normal Voltage Capacity 12000BTU
    Special Price ₦101,100.00 was ₦111,300.00
  5. Midea 2HP Mission Split Air Conditioner MSMB -18CR 18000 BTU
    Special Price ₦139,100.00 was ₦153,100.00
  6. Nexus Split AC 2HP NX-SAC18000AF With Kit | White
    Special Price ₦166,400.00 was ₦199,680.00
  7. Nexus Split AC 1HP NX-SAC9000M With Kit | Gold
    Special Price ₦122,000.00 was ₦146,400.00
  8. Nexus Split AC 1HP NX-SAC9000AF With Kit | White
    Special Price ₦112,200.00 was ₦134,640.00
  9. Nexus Split AC 2HP NX-SAC18000M With Kit | Gold
    Special Price ₦176,200.00 was ₦211,440.00
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Buy Air Conditioners Online in Nigeria at Yudala

Stay cool and comfortable - even when Mother nature turns up the heat, we have got you covered! Yudala offers a wide range of Air conditioners designed to give you the power and technology you need to maintain the perfect temperature all year long. Choose among popular brands like LG, Samsung, TLC, Polystar, Panasonic, Scanfrost, Thermocool, Midea, and more. Based on your need, you can shop for different styles of air conditioners. Window ACs are compact air conditioners that are mounted on the wall or windows that slide up and down. They are perfect for small sized apartments and small offices due to the fact that they take up less space and cool quickly. If you are a big fan of split AC, this type of air conditioner is gaining popularity as it is less noisy and looks better than the window AC. It comes in two parts: outdoor and indoor units. With no restrictions on cooling capacity, these ACs are perfect for small to large sized rooms. Unlike the window AC, you do not need to make a slot in the window/wall, to install it. Popular brands like Samsung offer split air conditioners that do more than just keeping the air cool inside the room. They filter the air to leave it clean, fresh and free from dust particles. Most models have the Auto Clean feature that helps keep germ dispersal to a minimum.

Cool Down With Air Conditioners on Yudala

Looking to cool a very large space? Tower ACs are just perfect for you! This powerful AC is big enough for a large floor space, hence why is it also called floor-standing air conditioners, and like a split AC, also consists of two parts. Explore our innovative collection to suit your budget and needs at the most affordable prices. Our AC collection are energy efficient and will not eat deep into your energy consumption. To keep your family comfortable during the hottest and most humid months of the year; all you need to do is go online today to place your order. When you shop on Yudala; we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria and you will also enjoy flexible payment option like cash on delivery. The peace of mind that comes with shopping online at Yudala can’t be matched anywhere.