Yudala is Nigeria’s first true composite online and offline retail chain with presence across major cities. It is a blend of Online E-commerce and Offline Retail Chain to give Nigerians amazing shopping experience

YuBOSS is an entrepreneurship scheme powered by Yudala and supported by Airtel and Access Bank to create employment for millions of Nigerians with zero investment. See our YuBOSS page for more details.

YuBOSS is the recipe for greater success. It is a very easy way of earning additional income for those that are already employed and a source of income for the unemployed too. Apart from the amazing commission you receive as a YuBOSS agent, you also stand a chance to own a Yudala franchise store.

All that is required from you to become a member and earn amazing commission in order to achieve your dreams is only your TIME and DETERMINATION to succeed.

Yudala enjoys strong partnership and comparative advantages for products from major brands which include Hp, Apple, Lenovo, Tecno mobile, Innjoo, Infinix, X-Touch, Wiko Phone Sony, YEZZ, Dell, Philips, ITEL, IBM, Microsoft, APC Schneider, Cisco, Canon, D-Link and other consumables brands.

Simply visit our YuBOSS page and follow the simple steps to register. 

  • Step 1: Click Sign Up if you don’t have an existing account with Yudala and fill the registration form. An activation request is sent to you email.
  • Step 2: Login to your email and activate your account. 

YuBOSS ID is issued automatically and sent to your email as soon as you registration online is approved.

YuBOSS commissions and other reward are very attractive depending on your level of commitment and stage attained in the YuBOSS scheme. Kindly refer to training materials for more details or contact yuboss@yudala.com

Commissions are paid to a YuBOSS members on the first week of the succeeding month. This put in scope all SUCCESSFUL transaction for the PREVIOUS month and computed commissions sent directly to your bank account

Access Bank is also a supporter of YuBOSS, nevertheless banking with Access Bank will enable you to monitor your commission payment and transaction on YuBOSS platform easily. There are amazing benefits you stand to get by banking with Access Bank.

The YuBOSS ID is a unique identification number issued to every YuBOSS member that will be used for the transactions you carry out on the YuBOSS scheme. You only receive commissions on sales with your YuBOSS ID.

No worries! Mail correspondences from YuBOSS and your performance report will carry your YuBOSS ID and you can also reach us to assist in providing your YuBOSS ID.

Send a mail to yuboss@yudala.com or call YuBOSS help line 0700-7000-0000 for re-activation. You will be asked to confirm some of your account details to ascertain ownership.

As the YuBOSS Ambassador, you can login with your registered email and password on Yudala website or input your referral link in the URL bar and place your orders

All orders will be delivered to customers who make payment for the product. Yudala holds the right for product deliveries.

Yes! for effective tracking of your orders, you are advised to place the orders online. Airtel provides you with 24/7 free internet access to Yudala website.

No Worries! Adequate training will be given to YuBOSS members on how to navigate the Yudala site, manage their accounts and check their commissions. It’s a very simple process and tele-support services will also be provided.

Simply share your YuBOSS Member URL with the customer. Whatever he/she buys via the link will be accredited to your YuBOSS Account and you earn the commission. Check your approval mail or account settings for your YuBOSS URL

You are an extension of our sales force under the Affiliate Agreement. You are not a staff of YUDALA but an affiliate member. See YuBoss terms and conditions for further details.

You can sell everything on our website but not the site itself (Don’t sell our site)

This process is really simple. All you are required to do is talk to your friends and families about the products on Yudala Site. These are your friends from Schools, Social Media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Badoo, Hi5, Google+, Snapchat, etc.), Religious Groups, Neighbourhood, Social societies, Colleagues, etc.

Our payment process has been greatly simplified for great comfort and shopping experience with Yudala. While checking out your CART, you have the options to pay directly online with your Debit Cards or choose Cash on Delivery (CoD). There are certain areas and products with exception of CoD, see material on Shipping rate for more details.

It takes 24 – 72 hours maximum for delivery of items ordered online. You can also pickup items from our experience stores nearest to you.

Not really; you will not be promoted to the Platinum stage. YuBOSS agents are expected to spend six months on a particular level and also meet the required amount (target) before he/she is eligible to migrate to a higher level of bigger commission.